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Multicolor Spiral Paper Pad 


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Multicolor Spiral Paper Pad 

Written By: Mmc 



Paper cutter (1) 
liquid paper glue (1) 

multicolor paper (1) 


Step 1 — Colored paper 

• Choose any different colors of paper that you desire and as much as you want. 

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Multicolor Spiral Paper Pad 

Step 2 — Cut 

• Mix all the colors together, then cut the papers into pieces 4 1 /4" by 5Vfe". 

• If you are using 8 1 /2"x1 1" paper, after cutting it you will end up with four little pads. 

Step 3 — Making the spiral! 

• Hold opposite corners of the stack. 

• Then twist your hands in opposite directions. 

• Turn the stack of paper around. 

• Then twist your hands again. 

• Give at least 10 twists and you will see the results. 

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Multicolor Spiral Paper Pad 

Step 4 — Glue 

• Glue one side of the spiral. 

• The video will give you a better view of how to make the spiral and how to glue it. 

• Enjoy your homemade note pad! 

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